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REMAX RB-200HB Out-Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones

REMAX RB-200HB Out-Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones

Romoss Dual USB Li-polymer Polymos 20 Power Bank (20,000mAh)

Romoss Dual USB Li-polymer Polymos 20 Power Bank (20,000mAh)

Tecno T-Band (Smart Wrist band)

Vendor : Zealot Phones

The Tecno T-band is the first smart wristband from TECNO and is bundled with Tecno Camon C9.The T-Band works with the app; It can be downloaded from Google playstore, but if you have the Camon C9, this app should come pre-installed on your device. You will be required to create an account on the app to start using the T-Band.After this, you can connect the T-Band to your smartphone by holding the T-Band button for 10 seconds via Bluetooth.Once connected to your device, you can now track your sleep patterns, number of steps taken per day, receive notifications on the T-Band and even set an alarm.



 As Pedometer

The smart band helps to monitor the number of steps you have taken over a specific period of time. To know the number of steps taken at a particular time, open the T-Band App and pull down the screen in the “Sports” interface, this will synchronize your device with the T-Band and the number will be displayed on the screen.

As Sleep Monitor

To track your sleep, you must wear your T-Band as you sleep. To track how you slept, just sync your device with the T-Band the next morning by pulling down the screen on the “Sleep” interface.

Can locate your device

The T-band can help locate your device whenever you misplace it. This can only work if the misplaced device is 10 meters away. To locate such device press the T-band for Just 3 seconds and the device will ring out wherever it is.

Alarm Clock and Sedimentary Reminder

The T-Band can also be used as an alarm. This will happen through a slight vibration that is bound to wake you up. To set an alarm, simply go to “My” section of the app, and select “Alarm clock”. Sedimentary reminder simply reminds you to get up and stretch after sitting for too long. To turn this feature on, just go to “My” section and select “Reminder”.

As remote controller for Camera

The T-band also serves as snapshot button for your device but so far only android phones running the latest android 6.0 marshmallow are compatible with the camera functions

Call and SMS Notification

The T-Band gives notifications for incoming calls and SMS by vibrating and blinking. To turn this on, simply go to “My” section and select “Preferences”.


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