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Who We Are

Computer Village is an online technology device marketplace set to provide a trusted, speedy and happy shopping experience, servicing hub for both retailers and consumers in Nigeria and Africa.
We are dedicated to becoming the leading technology marketplace on the web. We are working towards this, by offering our customers a SMART, SUPERIOR, and UNIQUE shopping experience coupled with SWIFT delivery and EXCEPTIONAL customer services.

With different ranges of product cutting across computers, mobile devices, network accessories, softwares and a whole lot of other technological devices, cutting across different brands. We offer our customers a one-stop-shop for all their technology needs at a very open and competitive rate. We ensure to serve our customers the best quality products without compromise.

Our terms and condition are customer friendly and guarantee the safety of purchased goods. In all it seeks to PROTECT the interest of the customers.

We are committed to make sure that our customer enjoys shopping at computer village because we prioritize our customer's satisfaction highly.


We therefore welcome you buy right now and begin to enjoy our special treats

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